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Adware apps downloaded 9 million times from Google’s Play store

It was spyware last week, but now Trend Micro has discovered 85 Android apps that litter devices with ads and make it difficult to get rid of them.

The apps, which ranged from games to TV streaming services, didn’t do any of the things they promised. Once downloaded, a user would be presented with full screen advertisements and a notification to review the app. The app would then close, hide itself and display ads on the device at regular intervals.

Google suspended the apps when Trend Micro brought it to their attention. But it begs the question again – what checks, if any, do Google make on apps before they are listed in its official Play store. These latest findings from Trend Micro suggest very little inspection is made at all.

I continue to recommend avoiding Android if you’re security or privacy minded. Businesses reliant on Android devices would do well to deny staff access to the Play store and lock down app installations.

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