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YubiKey 5 series paves way for passwordless future

The demise of the password is a step closer as Yubico announces a new range of YubiKey that support single-factor (passwordless) logins through the new FIDO2 protocol. And good riddance. Passwords have been a continuous thorn in the side of users and IT professionals alike.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make use passwordless logins just yet. While the new generation Yubikey makes the hardware available, website and software developers will need to adopt the new FIDO2 protocol and utilise it in their login systems. Many websites fail to even support the FIDO1 protocol used on the previous generation of keys, so expect to wait years rather than months to see this as an option.

Nevertheless, what a leap in the right direction. With FIDO2 being backed by Microsoft, Google, Paypal and Mozilla, the password’s days are numbered.